CITY SPOTLIGHT: The Ridge Kids, Brooklyn, NY

The next stop on our city spotlight list is very closed to home! From toys, to apparel, to fun accessories - look no further than The Ridge Kids - a family boutique located in Brooklyn, NY! 

About The Ridge Kids: 

With the Bay Ridge families and community in mind, here you can find affordable, high-quality children's apparel among a variety of curated arts & crafts, toys, and books. Shop among brands such as Albetta, Baby Steps, Boboli, and Picolliny - along with many others! 

Strut your stuff - loving the way this New York Bebe Brooklyn hoodie is paired with these fun pink pants!
Can't go wrong with a classic custom Brooklyn hoodie! 
Loving this action shot from @vee_hit_fit
Brooklyn-chic in custom tie-dye: rep your city! 

About Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: 

Image via Brownstoner

Bay Ridge is so cool because it has that small-town feel and charm, all while being located in the greatest city in the world (we are biased...we know)! Beautiful landscape surrounds the neighborhood, with the waters of the Narrows to the west and tree lined streets throughout. The gorgeous Brownstones are just worth the visit to dream about. However, after you've been able to check out The Ridge Kids, make sure you make these stops too: 

1. Narrows Botanical Gardens 

Image via Financial Times

Narrows is New York's longest standing volunteer gardening initiatives. The main goal of the park is to educate visitors about the landscape around them, especially encouraging interest in the animals, plants, and nature native to Brooklyn. Come see beautiful gardens and leave with a newfound appreciate for where we live.

2. Paneantico Bakery and Café


Whether you've got a sweet tooth or are looking for something savory - stop by Paneantico for a bite! Featuring Italian classics, you know, all the things we love about New York bakeries, and enjoy some authentic meals. From what we know, the cannoli's are definitely worth the visit. 

3. The Gingerbread House

Image via Brooklyn Eagle

For viewing pleasure, come check out this fairy-tale-esque home located right in Bay Ridge. There is a lot of cool history behind it and it's just cool to see the juxtaposed architecture amongst all of the familiar townhouses and apartments we see throughout New York. 


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