CITY SPOTLIGHT: Bean 2 Tween Hamptons, Southampton, NY

Welcome to this weeks city spotlight, introducing Southampton NY's Bean 2 Tween! Located in the Village of Southampton, this is a fun spot to find an array of trendy apparel, made for your little ones (and your not so little ones!). 

About Bean 2 Tween: 

Better known as "a kiddo's wonderland," Bean 2 Tween is the one stop shop for all things trending, athleisure, fun, and tie-dye! Apart from our custom Southampton tie-dye sweatshirts, Bean 2 Tween has a plethora of tie-dye if you are a fan of the colorful trend, this boutique may be dangerous for you (or your safe haven). Browse through accessories and apparel and enjoy the variety of brands available such as Z Supply, Storia, Vintage Havana, Tiny Whales, and Erge.


Check out a few of the New York Bebe x Bean 2 Tween products:


Custom Southampton hoodies and tees in gorgeous vibrant colors available for all sizes! 
We love this cozy-quarantine look in one of our tinier sized custom Southampton hoodies. 
Fun for the whole family! Which is your favorite color combination?
We are not scared of color here at New York Bebe OR Bean 2 Tween!

About Southampton:

Image via Google

 Southampton is full of art, gorgeous scenery, local business, and community, and is the perfect stop along Long Island to make a day trip (or even a weekend trip!). There is something for anyone's interests here & we guarantee you won't be bored. Take a look at some of the other things to check out while you're hitting the coast: 


1. The Big Duck

Image via Friends of The Big Duck
Starting out with what might be the most interesting thing on this list, The Big Duck is, well exactly what you think it is. The structure was built in the 30s and now commemorates the protection of local wildlife. You can actually take a visit inside of the enormous duck and we believe it's worth the sight and to tell people you've been to "The Big Duck." 

2. Parrish Art Museum

Image via Parrish Art Museum
This gorgeous museum features art and artists based on the East End and celebrates their impact. Visit to see over 3,000 works of art, as well as special exhibitions including all different mediums of creation: film, music, sculpture, and paint (among others!). Note: this is also a great covid-friendly activity for the family to take some time to appreciate beautiful art and escape reality! 


3. Visit Southampton Village 

After you stop at Bean 2 Tween, make sure you take the time to keep looking around and check out other local shops, bakeries, restaurants, and more. There is something for everyone here and everyone in the family will be sure to find a cool souvenir to take home. 

4. Cooper's Beach

Image via Wikipedia
Need a little rest stop? Cooper's beach is rated on of the top 10 beaches in America with gorgeous white sand and historical architecture surrounding it. Stop by for a day trip with umbrellas and chairs, or take a sunset walk along the water. Either way, we are *shore* you are going to LOVE it! ;)


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