Kids Holiday Shopping List

Christmas is just around the corner, so I decided to do a very last minute post about some of my favorite kids gift ideas.

We French people like to call it "l'embarras du choix" (the embarrassment of choice) to describe how many choices we have when it comes to picking a Christmas gift. It can become very overwhelming to go Christmas shopping - I have to admit - that's why I love to order everything online! So here a little list of my top gifts ideas for kids!

1. The Alphabet Robot 

Learning while playing is definitely the most fun way to do it! This gift is perfect for kids from 3-5 years old and under $30.

2. The Fujifilm Old School Camera 

Bring the artist out of your child, let him/her be creative by taking old school pictures with this amazing and easy to use camera.

3. A New York Bebe Tie-Dye Hoodie

OBVIOUSLY! Our colorful and comfy hoodies had to make the list. You can wear them all year long, on a cold winter day as well as a chilly summer night. Offer it as a gift to a fellow New Yorker or to kids all around the world because it is always cool to pretend that you've have been to NYC!

4. Magnet Tiles 

Once again, it's all about creativity and imagination. These fun and easy magnet tiles are the perfect gift for boys or girls.

5. Books, Books, and More Books

Because, well, we need a lot of them (Parents: you can relate that it's exhausting to keep reading the same book over and over to our kids). Books are always a go-to gift for Christmas or, for that matter, any other occasion.


New York Bebe 


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