Mother's Day 2021 Features 🌼 - Cristina Inestroza

For our special Mother's Day features this week we would love to introduce Cristina Inestroza!
Hello friends! My name is Cristina and I am a wife, mom of two, photographer, content creator on Instagram, and self-proclaimed life of the party! If I were to sum myself up in a few words it would be passionate, creative, loving, and welcoming. I genuinely believe in the good in people and enjoy finding magic in the everyday.
I am photographer based in Long Island, New York. (Let’s go Yankees!) I mostly take pictures of my children, who are my muses for everything I do, and creative “fairytale-like” photography. I started becoming interested in photography after my first baby was born. Taking pictures of my sweet Frankie became a way to beat the loneliness/confusion of new motherhood. Photographing him gave me something fun to do each day! I started posting these pictures on Instagram and soon my following became to grow and grow. Today, I have almost 20 thousand followers (mind blown!) and my love for photography has grown immensely- just like my son!
I am a PROUD mommy to two beautiful children. My son Frankie is 4 and my daughter Rosie is 3. They were born 15 months apart from each other. Today, they’re the absolute besets of best friends. To say that I love them would be an understatement of the century. They are the center of light in the universe. The reason the stars twinkle in the night sky. The reason for all that I am. 
As many of you know (or as many of you have heard) motherhood is often projected as a “hard job” that is full of trials and difficulties and sacrifices. However, although I have experienced some push back from other moms in this area, I wholeheartedly disagree. For me, motherhood is not challenging. In fact, nothing has ever been so fun and natural and joyous. Of course, there are challenging moments, but motherhood is not challenging for me. It’s as if I stepped into the starring role I was born for. They are the best part of my life and I love that I get to stay home and raise them. 
I spend a lot go time talking to pregnant moms, new moms, and experienced moms- talking about motherhood is so fun! My best advice would be to always focus on the good. Laugh when things seem crazy. Focus on the positive! (This is my best life advice too!) My children, your children, all the worlds children are the most precious, perfect things. They deserve to be cared for ,considered, and cherished. 
When my children were born, and I a mother born as well, everything about the world changed. Suddenly, I had these precious gifts to care for and to protect. I senses became heightened. I jumped, feet first, into truly can’t really remember life before them. (Psst, I used to travel, drink, eat, party, adventure all the time. Motherhood is sooo much better than that!) 
Cristina Inestroza

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