Mother's Day 2021 Features 🌼 - Liz Teich

For this week's installment of Mother's Day features we would love to introduce Liz Teich: personal stylist, blogger, and mama of 2! 


1. What do you do and what led you to this career?
I'm a commercial and personal fashion stylist, blogger and content creator.  While styling bloggers for an ad campaign a decade ago, I realized I had so much experience to share that I started my own blog as well, which eventually led to me creating my brand The New York Stylist. After becoming a mom 4 years ago, I had other new moms ask for my help with their wardrobes for their new life and body, so that led me to my personal styling business for moms. 
2. What are the names and ages of your kids?
I have two, my son Asher (4) and my daughter Andi (1)!
3. What is the most rewarding aspect of being a mother? Most challenging?
The most rewarding part is seeing my kids grow, develop, learn and become their own person, while seeing all the wonder and amazement through their eyes.
The most challenging part is juggling it all and finding a balance so I can continue to make my family a priority, but also not losing sight of taking care of myself. 
4. What is your best advice for a new mother?
Try to enjoy every single moment—even the toughest days—because it goes by SO fast. 
5. How has motherhood changed you?
It's made my priorities shift and definitely has made me more efficient with my time because my family always comes first. I'm not sure how I ever complained about being "busy" before kids. 
Make sure you check out what Liz, Asher, and Andi are up to at @thenewyorkstylist on Instagram! Also check out her website, for even more
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