Tie-Dye Obsessed

TIE-DYE has been everywhere for the past few months and it is apparently still going strong for the Spring/Summer collection 2020! New York Bebe LOVES trendy toddler clothing and we are obviously obsessing over tie-dye right now.

So everyone is wondering...

What is tie dye and when did it become popular?

In the US, tie-dye is closely attributed with the 1960s counterculture — hippie culture such as the Grateful Dead, Woodstock, etc. This tradition has continued throughout childhood crafts as well as professional projects in the ensuing decades. But its history goes much deeper than that. Tie-dye is a relatively easy, flexible technique that has been used throughout many cultures including India, China, Indonesia, and Nigeria, to name just a few.

Why does New York Bebe love tie-dye so much?

You can't miss your kids at the park when you're looking for them if they're wearing tie dye!! Honestly, us moms all know how hard it is to follow your kid(s) in a New York City playground. Look away for a second or chat with your fellow mom friends and like magic - POOF! - your kids are far gone. Having them wear a hoodie, t-shirt or anything else that's TIE-DYE could potentially make our lives so much easier in those difficult-to-spot-out moments.

Also New York Bebe is loving tie-dye because we find it makes others HAPPY! Don't you agree? Looking at someone wearing a bunch of bright colors makes people smile and sends good vibes! This is especially true for us New Yorkers, who are always used to wearing dark colors, or even most of the time all black. 

Tie-dye creates unique baby clothing. We love it because it remind us of the 1960/70s and the hippie movement - people proclaiming and fighting for PEACE and LOVE throughout the world. 

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Picture: Kenzo wearing a New York Bebe tie dye hoodie 

 New York Bebe 


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