NEW YORK BEBE - Best of Summer 2021

This was a summer to remember, a summer where we had the chance to rekindle with friends and family (safely!) and enjoy our time doing more of the things we love again. To honor the summer that has passed far too quickly, here are some of our favorite New York Bebe looks from Summer 2021. Keep scrolling and let us know your favorites! 

Our tribute to the Fathers whom we love dearly - to the ones who work hard and sacrifice for our babies. Show yours and your babies love with this adorable and simple message. 
Custom embroidered Albany, NY tees to highlight New York State's capital (we are LOVING this orange!)
The t-shirt says it all - "Half a rainbow is better than none." If this isn't our most positive design on the most positive color - than we aren't sure what is! 
Absolutely in love with this sky-blue tie-dye done with a custom ordered embroidered Hamptons logo.
This collection could be yours, don't forget to take a look through our website after reading this article :)
Another beautiful sky-blue inspired tie-dye done for a gift shop located near the beautiful Adirondacks in Lake George, New York. 
We are no stranger to highlighting some of the coolest and most beautiful places around. We love this custom tie-dye Montana embroidery and are looking forward to our pieces being the landscape :)
We obviously could not forget to tribute all of the Mamas out there. Being a mama is a full-time job in itself and we know how tough it can get, but having a happy healthy baby who you get to watch grow and change makes it all worth it. It's also nice to have someone around for when they are older to do the dishes for you :)
Just hanging out in our classic New York embroidered tee. We are no stranger to creating everlasting designs that are easy to wear. You can never go wrong with this simple staple for any and all occasions! 
The tee shirt says it all - our kids are the COOLEST! Rep their status with one of our newest embroidery designs.
One of our personal favorites, the Favorite Human design. This is a chic, elevated staple made with a little extra love. Not only is this perfect for your own little ones, but great as a gift for any new babes brought into the world. We can't wait to show our littles our love
Last but not least, these two in our French Touch embroidery. We love this design because as you all may know, we love to highlight all the coolest cities we come from. In this design, we pay tribute to New York Bebe's roots - a simple yet effective french touch. 
You can see all of these designs on our website and Instagram @newyork.bebe.
We were able to come up with some new pieces this year with your help in your custom orders (which we LOVE to see come to life!). If you are interested in making a custom order for your store or your event, please email us at - we look forward to hearing your ideas!
Oh and don't forget - tag us in all your New York Bebe photos to be featured on our instagram posts and stories and maybe our next "best of" blog! :) x  
New York Bebe

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