Small Businesses to Support in NYC This Holiday Season!



This year has been everything but what we expected. Unfortunately, small businesses have taken a huge hit due to the pandemic. Some having to close their doors permanently, while others offering limited services - it is such a crucial time to help keep these small shops in business. 

Local and small businesses are the backbone of our communities - they help expand local economy, service your neighbors, and give you somewhere to go when you need a little something special. 

Not to mention, a small business also consists of a bunch of real people who appreciate not only your purchases but your support. And they appreciate it more than anything in the universe (trust me, we can totally relate!). Being able to help our friends and family alike by getting a gift or something nice for ourselves from a local or small business is a really rewarding feeling! 

So on that note, here are some really cool small businesses we think you should check out for interesting children's apparel, toys, and activities:

1. Playing Mantis

Wooden Stacking Cube Set

If you're looking for some unique toys to gift then look no further than Tribeca's Playing Mantis. Their goal is to be able to reach children through handmade toys made from natural products. Check out their selection of beautifully crafted toys as well as arts & crafts, books, and puzzles! 

2. Mary Arnold Toys


If you're looking to support a toy store that's been around for some time, look no further than Mary Arnold Toys located in the Upper East Side. They have been in operation for 85 years and have a broad assortment of toys, games, and books to keep all ages preoccupied and curious! 

3. Lexie 

Play Up Striped Pants

Lexie is a women's boutique that introduced children's clothing about 2 years ago! Not only do we love their selection because we are a part of it, but the shop carries unique children's apparel as well as a variety of stuffed animals, cozy cashmere blankets, as well as fun accessories for the babes! Find them in Greenwich Village. 

4. Geometry Kids

Animambo Synthesizer

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, this store doesn't cease to examine the importance and diversity - especially amongst our Iittle ones. Inspired by the city itself, Geometry Kids looks to teach lessons about acceptance and understanding others through their stock of apparel, toys, and games (to name just a few!). 


Teddy Bear Wool Jumpsuit 

Look no further than for your one stop shop for a fun assortment of gifts for the kiddos...and maybe even yourself! is an independent boutique (woman-owned!) located in Manhattan's East Village. They also carry a sweet selection of baby apparel. 


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